Well, it’s that time of year again!!  It’s the time of year when I remember why I cannot stand Christmas shopping for the kiddies.  No, it’s not because of the lines (hello Amazon), or the rearranged holiday aisles in my “go to, I usually know where everything is located stores.”  No, it’s because of something much worse….


Do you know what I’m talking about?!  If you are sitting there nodding your head right now, then yes, I’m with you.  If you are reading this and have no idea what I mean, then I want to live wherever you live.  (Seriously, please email me and let me know where this magical city is!)

See, where I live, a ridiculous phenomenon comes around this time of year.

Grown ups (I can’t say parents because I hope another parent wouldn’t do this to their counterparts) discover what the most desired toy of the year is.  (Most likely they stake out Santa at the mall and listen in.) They then decide to go to EVERY store and buy ALL of said toy off the shelves.  Yes.

I have no patience for these people.

They are the definition of everything wrong with Christmas gift giving.  This year the toy hoarders are really setting me off.  See, there are these little monkey robots on the market that every little kid who watches any form of television wants.  These toys don’t seem like anything too special to the unsuspecting parent; small animals who sit on a child’s finger.  What’s so special about this?! Turns out a lot according to a 3 year old who has always wanted a pet monkey.

Silly me, I got excited about this find.

Why?!  Well because they are $14.99 and could be the “big gift” this year for the three year old.  That’s like hitting the jackpot to this momma.  Why am I silly to get excited about this?!  Well because of the Toy Hoarders, of course.

These overgrown children have cleaned the shelves (and Amazon) of all said monkeys.  Instead of me strolling into my local Target and buying one for the amazing price of $14.99, I am greeted by 3 rows of empty shelving every where I look.  The best part is my Facebook marketplace feed is FULL of these damn toys.  Everyone seems to have several “brand new Fingerlings” to sell for the low price of $30 or more a piece!  How do you people sleep at night?!

My son most likely will not be getting his monkey robot for his index finger and that’s on you, the Toy Hoarders.  I am sure Christmas present karma will take care of all of this for me in time, but for now I’m not a happy momma.  No, I’m one very annoyed momma.  Did you not get what you asked Santa for years ago and this is your revenge?!  Well, I hope you sit on all of those monkey toys and no one pays you a penny more than their original price.

The venting will end now and I will go about life like normal.

I will try to think other parents are not out there trying to make a buck on other children’s hopes and dreams.