What?!  Did you just read the title of this blog?  Yes, my husband and I actually built a piece of furniture (a cabinet for the laundry room) together and we didn’t fight.  I am not even kidding, and I am also very amazed with this as well.

We have built several pieces of furniture over our 8 years of marriage and I’m pretty sure we’ve fought during each and every piece.

Those darn IKEA instructions just kill us and don’t even get me started on the furniture pieces we have assembled from a purchase off of Overstock.com that have ended in tears.  I remember a time when we put together a dresser on Valentines day (what were we thinking?!?!), and it was the end of that happy holiday.  (Oh and the dresser is still put together wrong about 7 years later.)

Last night we were both exhausted, and I should have known not to start a 16 step instruction manual on building a cabinet.  But…. I was anxious to get it done, and I went ahead and dumped the box out on the ground knowing we would have to get it done before heading off to bed.  The husband gave me a concerned look, opened a beer (for both of us) and away we went.  Maybe it was the easy instructions or the sheer will power I had to finish the piece for our newly painted laundry room; whatever it was I wish I could bottle it and give it to you all.

We worked together, didn’t bicker once, and had a lovely piece within an hour. Amazing.

I wish I had some advice to give or a tip to tell you on how to put furniture together with a significant other, but I don’t.  I just will tell you everyone will get a unicorn, pot of gold experience once in awhile; and when you do make sure to remember it.  I have a feeling this was a fluke and I worry I will have high expectations for the next piece of furniture we try to build together.