We survived a day at the amusement park!!  I consider this a true victory.  The day was not free of hiccups, but all in all it was a fantastic day.

Making it out of my dad’s house was a minor miracle itself.  Both kids decided to not want to wear socks with their gym shoes (what?!), developed a new aversion to wearing sunscreen, and didn’t want anyone to help them to the car other then this momma.  (Did I mention we had a grandma, grandpa, and a dad all available to help?!  Of course they only wanted me in that moment!)

The entry was pretty seamless and then it was onto the kid section.  (Side note, if you’ve never been to Kings Island outside of Cincinnati and you have small kids you need to go.  The kid section there is amazing!)  The daughter was cautious at first, but luckily the husband is very persuasive.  She finally got on a few rides and loved them.  It also helped to have 2 cousins with us who had been on said rides before leading the charge.  One of the hardest parts of the day was finding rides for the toddler to ride so he didn’t feel left out.  We managed though and he loved it.

KI jeep

Turns out you do need to explain to a kid that bumper cars are meant for bumping others… crisis averted thank goodness.  Also, the color of the carousel horse does matter to my 5 year old and it’s NOT okay to put her on the wrong colored horse.  Also, save yourself a headache and don’t mention early on that you will be getting icecream later, because every 3 minutes you will be asked if it’s time for ice cream.  (Sigh.)

KI mad

80 degree weather at an amusement park feels like 1,000 degree weather and it doesn’t help when your kid refuses to go on water rides to cool down.  Lucky for me, my super cute nephew wanted to ride one so I jumped on his wagon and joined in on the fun.

My poor son didn’t get to nap more than 20 minutes all day but luckily there were enough distractions that he didn’t lose his mind.  The five year old was exhausted but a last minute soft pretzel prevented a last minute meltdown.

I’m so glad we took the plunge and went to Kings Island with the family today.  Going in with a mind set of “yes, there will be meltdowns and we can get through them” really seemed to help prepare us mentally to what the day would be like.  Now, back to my fence and no crowds for a bit!!!