10 Things I Learned from Taking my Kids to a Wedding:

  1.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, wedding cake is always exciting.
  2. Forget the phrase “Dance like no one’s watching,” and start “Dancing like everyone is watching and you don’t care.”
  3. Leggings should always be an option for tights.
  4. Buffets are very hard to understand if you’ve never had to wait for food before.
  5. A well placed disco ball can be the difference between a regular dance floor and a magical one.
  6. Toddlers will dance even when they are struggling to stay awake; it’s like the music just takes over and carries them through.
  7. Its very hard not to blow out centerpieces with candles at a wedding reception table.
  8. High heels are overrated and very mysterious to a kid; “Mom, why would you wear shoes that aren’t comfortable?”
  9. Watching a father/daughter or mother/son dance will make you highly emotional when you are sitting there watching with your toddler on your lap.
  10. Seeing a wedding through the eyes of a child is breathtaking.