Contrary to about 99% of the social media posts I am used to seeing; reality isn’t always so “pretty.”

For anyone else who is sitting on their phone, scrolling through social media wondering how they are the only ones feeling less than perfect… here’s my current reality today.

Today is going on day three of the husband being out of town.  (I had to just double check that today is in fact Wednesday because it feels like it should be Friday.)

The boxer woke me up a little before 8am because clearly he was nervous that the kids seemed to still be sleeping.  Yes, the one day my kids sleep in, the dog decides he’s not going to go along with the program.

A little part of me immediately thought I should go and check on the 4 year old to make sure he hadn’t snuck out of the house between the hours of 5am-8am.  Why this timeframe?!  Oh well it’s because I saw him almost EVERY HOUR starting right before midnight.

True.  The kids had t-ball last night from 7-8pm (did I mention the son is usually in bed at 7pm?!)  During this one hour of practice, the son consumed a popsicle and an entire water bottle.  Don’t worry, he also came home and “had to drink” more water because he was SO thirsty.  Hence, all the pee the little guy needed to release throughout the wee hours of the night. When does the “chaperone me to the bathroom in the middle of the night” phase end again?!

I don’t function well on less than 8 hours of sleep.  The husband would interject here and say I don’t function well on less than 10 hours of sleep; and he’d be correct.  So you can imagine how I’m doing right now!!

So… fast forward to breakfast. Luckily I had frozen pancakes everyone loved today.  I never know if they will love the food they usually do on a daily basis.  It sure keeps life interesting.  (Sarcasm)

I needed a minute.

The kids turned on the television and I was once again happy to have this free babysitter for a little bit.  I was raised on tv and I turned out okay.  I mean, yes, I have a slight addiction to television, and want to cry when the DVR breaks, but I don’t think it’s a huge problem.  Maybe it’s genetic… who cares?  All I know is I love it when I can have two little zoned out kids watching something other than me for a little bit.

Now, it’s 10am and I’m on my second cup of doctored up coffee.  (Yes, “doctored up” because I don’t really love coffee yet, but I’m trying not to hit up Starbucks as much lately.) We have now moved onto making a haunted house with Legos, and so far the fighting has only been minimal due to the lack of having doubles of everything. The fact is that one kid always wants the same piece the other has.  I also have decided to let the kids work things out lately between themselves…. why?!?  Obviously it’s a form of torture I thought would be fun to put myself through.

Is it terrible I don’t really want to start the day?!  Today might be a pajama kinda day, although I did promise the pool and my daughter likes to “keep me honest.”  I know I’m super lucky to be able to have this kind of morning with my kids (and dog).  It’s okay to share your reality and to know no matter what that might be that there are others living a very similar reality right now!

All in all,today is a good day, but it’s not anywhere near perfect.  Good luck out there and here’s hoping there are other parents sitting right now thinking of the million things they should be doing instead of playing Legos.