If you’re reading this right now with the “Frozen” theme song stuck in your head, thinking you cannot endure another moment of playing princesses; let me tell you this; this phase will not be your forever!  This was me once too; literally thinking if I hear another “and then the prince came…” kind of story that I was going to lose it.  My daughter was that girl once.

I’ll be honest, that phase of my life is a distant memory now.  It took my TimeHop today to remind me that I actually lived through it.  My little lady now can’t even believe the pictures I’ve been showing her from 3 years ago.  She wore pink, accessorized, and played with baby dolls.  What?!?

Three years later it’s the exact OPPOSITE.  (Same kid, I promise!)  Now, if a shirt has a dab of pink or even a color resembling pink, she won’t wear it.  Her princess dress-up costumes are here still only for friends and her little brother.  The only “dolls” she will play with either have light sabers or other forms of weapons.

So… I’m here to tell you there’s light at the end of the tunnel!!  If you’re knee deep in something your kid demands to play or do everyday, it’s not your forever!!  Your kid will be true to themselves in all phases of life… there’s just no telling what those phases will be!!