Tonight we took the daughter to a Cubs game with the husband’s work. She’s one lucky lady to get to sit in the corporate box and watch the Cubs in style.

I think we taught her a few important life lessons tonight at the game as well.

Life Lesson #1- Always know where the nearest bathroom is when you’re at a baseball game.  (Pretty sure that’s self-explanatory.)

Life Lesson #2- You can’t lick people at work.  Yep; girls gotta learn that now!!  She was a little hyper from her 5lbs of ice cream sundae and she leaned over and licked me in front of one of the husband’s coworkers.  It was brought to the daughters attention that you can’t lick coworkers… turns out that’s frowned upon in the workplace.  Let’s hope this lesson sunk in!

Life Lesson #3- Dessert carts are amazing.  We got a visit from a cart full of delicious desserts.  The little lady quickly learned the importance of making the right decision and choosing the dessert of choice wisely.  I’d say she did a great job picking her sundae with a side of 1,000 gummy bears.  (I on the other hand need to learn this lesson…. Shouldn’t have chosen the chocolate turtle over the brownie sundae.)

Life Lesson #4- If a mascot sits by you, be sure to get hugs, high fives and a selfie with it!  She was like an old pro at this and I couldn’t have been prouder!

Life Lesson #5- Sit by a cute, older boy if you get the chance to.  Pretty sure this was the first time we saw our daughter a little smitten over a little boy.  Happy to report she chose a little man 2 years her senior who was very polite and interested in conversation with her.

I’d say all and all it was a great night full of life lessons and fun.  As parents, the husband and I learned what happens when a 5 year old stays up about 4 hours past her bedtime.  Pure madness quickly followed by one sleepy and delusional kid!